Disaster Risk Reduction


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Disaster Risk Reduction



Main Topic

Climate systems and extreme weather impact


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Audience Education Level

College or university lecturers
Students (college/university)

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Not specified


Science Approaches

Climate compatible development
Adaptation strategies

Learning Approaches

Place-based learning - (type of experiential learning within a local place and community)
Experiential learning - (learning through experiences and reflection)

Includes References

Not sure (no references listed)

Suggested Usefulness

Indigenous Voice

Yes. Local context

Women and Children Agency

No. Citizens (women and older children) have quick assess to more accurate maps of their neighbourhood using open data.

Social Inclusion

Yes. Collaboration of universities around the world on multi lingual films that spreads awareness on the impact of volcanic eruptions on communities.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities


Sustainable Development Goal

SDG 1 - No Poverty
SDG 2 - Zero Hunger
SDG 3 - Good Health & Well-Being
SDG 6 - Clean Water & Sanitation
SDG 7 - Affordable & Clean Energy
SDG9 - Industry
Innovation & Infrastructure
SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities
SDG 12 - Responsible Production & Consumption
SDG 13 - Climate Action

Interpersonal Competency Areas

Human rights
Global citizenship
Cultural diversity

Strategic Planning Competency Areas

Global citizenship
Cultural diversity

Normative Competency Areas

Global citizenship

Anticipatory Skills Competency Areas

Human rights
Cultural diversity

Systems Thinking Competency Areas

Global citizenship

Action Competency Areas

Global citizenship


Universal responsibility - (sense of global responsibility)
Earth love - (respect Earth and life in all its diversity)
Systems thinking - (process for understanding the interrelationships among the key components of a system)
Earth limits - (focuses on respecting planetary boundaries of Earth)

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