Terms of Use

Please note that the Terms of Use are still under review.

The Ibali service (“Ibali | Digital Collections UCT”) is offered by Digital Library Services (DLS) as part of its mission to make the digital collections of UCT accessible online. For more information on Ibali, see: https://lib.uct.ac.za/digitalservices/systems/ibali-digital-collections-uct

Use of Ibali, i.e. the viewing, downloading, citing, describing and uploading of data, denotes agreement with the following terms:

  1. Ibali is a showcase for UCT research data and collections, displaying curated works from UCT research and archival collections for educational and informational purposes. Access to Ibali’s content is open to all.

  2. This site serves to showcase UCT research and archival collections and so uploads are restricted to UCT staff, researchers, and affiliates. Please contact us if you are interested in showcasing content on Ibali.

  3. The uploader is exclusively responsible for the content that they upload to Ibali and shall indemnify and hold UCT free and harmless in connection with their use of the service. The uploader shall ensure that their content is suitable for open dissemination, and that it complies with these terms and applicable laws, including, but not limited to, privacy, data protection, and intellectual property (“IP”) rights. Furthermore, the uploader shall ensure that data is either anonymised to an appropriate degree or fully consent cleared.

  4. Access to Ibali, and all content, is provided on an “as-is” basis. Users of content (“Users”) shall respect applicable license conditions. Download and use of content from Ibali does not transfer any IP rights in the content to the User.

  5. Users are exclusively responsible for their use of content, and shall indemnify and hold UCT free and harmless in connection with their download and/or use. Hosting and making content available through Ibali does not represent any approval or endorsement of such content by UCT.

  6. UCT Libraries reserves the right, without notice, at its sole discretion and without liability, (i) to alter, delete, or block access to content that it deems to be inappropriate or insufficiently protected, and (ii) to restrict or remove User access where it considers that use of Ibali interferes with its operations or violates these Terms of Use or applicable laws.

  7. These Terms of Use are subject to change by DLS at any time and without notice, other than through posting the updated Terms of Use on the DLS website.

If you have any questions or comments with respect to Ibali, or if you are unsure whether your intended use is in line with these Terms of Use, or if you seek permission for a use that does not fall within these Terms of Use, please contact Digital Library Services.