The recovery of Special Collections is a long term plan to restore the world-class preservation library as far as possible. Recovery work is based in Maitland House 2, situated in Mowbray.


The Special Collections Department, which includes two units – Published and Primary – has respectively been engaged in various processes, specific to the collections, to ensure their recovery. Recovery work is based in Maitland House 2, situated in Mowbray.

For Published Collections this includes

For Primary Collections

Key Moments

  • Official visit of the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology

    Mr Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology visited the Jagger Library site on 14 May 2021. UCT Chancellor Dr Moloi-Motsepe was amongst the VC led delegation.
  • Soot cleaning of the African Studies Periodicals

    A focused Special Collections team worked hard to dust soot off salvaged materials from the African Studies Periodicals collection. Sooting cleaning took place off-campus at Meulenhof and the Library Learning Lounge situated on upper campus.
  • Removal of map cabinets from Jagger Library basement

    The empty map cabinets were one of the last items removed from the Jagger Library's basement. They were transported to Maitland House, the new premises for Special Collections.
  • Jagger Library roof installation

    The roof installation took place over a period of two months.
  • Relocation to Maitland House

    From 1 July 2021, Special Collections began the relocation to a new home, Maitland House 2 in nearby Mowbray to embark on its recovery. The goal has shifted to rebuilding the collections that were destroyed, consolidating those that were separated in the salvage, ongoing rehabilitation of what was damaged and salvaged, and reconstituting the new archive and library.
  • Salvaging work inside the AC Jordan Building

    The Special Collections team use classrooms inside AC Jordan Building to continue salvage processing work. The building was also used as a temporary storage location.
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Jagger Library roof installation

Special Collections team visits new working premises at Maitland House, Mowbray

Removal of cabinets from Jagger library to Maitland House in Mowbray

Transfer of salvaged material held in cold storage containers