Journey through moments during the Jagger Library fire salvage and recovery phase.

Panorama Tour

Take a 360 degree tour of the ruins of the Jagger Building after the fire.

A Tribute to the Human Spirit

The Salvage and Recovery of the Jagger Library and its Special Collections.

Of Smoke & Ash

The Jagger Library Memorial Exhibition curated by Dr. Duane Jethro and Jade Nair.

Message from our Libraries Executive Director

The last twelve months can be described as a time of exhaustion and exhilaration, a time of despair and hope, and most importantly, a time of closing the door on the past and looking forward to new paths and beginnings.

When you reflect on the reputation and the impact the Jagger Library has had on so many across the globe, you realise its loss is truly a historic moment. Being inextricably linked to this moment, it then becomes our responsibility to re-conceptualise it so that it takes on a new identity and surpasses that which it was.

As we commemorate the library that was, I marvel at the possibilities of what it can be. Therefore I invite you to share your thoughts and ideas towards creating a scholarly place and space, which gives creative expression to Afrikan history, memory and identity. Together we can do this!

- Ujala Satgoor