Peter Pan, 1981


Peter Pan, 1981
‘Pamela Chrimes was one of the key teachers at the School of Dance. She was a very well-known Russian teacher, who specialised in the form of folk dancing. Ebrahim Coetzee is now working in the UK.’ – Gerard Samuel

‘Dulcie Howes’ pupils included many internationally and locally recognised twentieth century dancers, producers, teachers and choreographers, such as John Cranko, Petrus Bosman, Pamela Chrimes, Alfred Rodrigues, Jasmine Honoré, Johaar Mosaval, Richard Glasstone, Avril Bergen, Dudley Tomlinson and David Poole, whose skills as a producer, learned at Howes's elbow, are still sorely missed today. Furthermore, her unique educational philosophy touched and changed the lives of many.’ – SA History Online
Peter Pan, 1981
Choreographer: Pamela Chrimes
Performer: Ebrahim Coetzee
Photo: Unknown photographer
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