The Square


The Square
The role of the gang leader was danced by Johaar Mosaval (held up high), who started training at UCT in 1947 and afterwards joined the Royal Ballet in London.

‘On the political front Howes cut a formidable figure. It was as a dance educator that she was able to defy the politics of the day and ensure the inclusion of people of colour in her school and company. Her determination to provide a platform for all South Africans to participate in and appreciate classical ballet and her rigorous defence of her principles in the face of criticism enabled many that would otherwise not have had that opportunity to practice and participate in this magical art… It was Howes who invited members of the EOAN Group, established in 1934 by Mrs H SoutherHolt, to complete their training at the UCT Ballet School and it was the Dulcie Howes Trust that provided the financial backing for this enterprise. The names of Didi Sydow, Gwen Michaels, Pauline Wicks and Johaar Mosaval stand out as beneficiaries of Howes's foresight in providing training and performing experience to members of the group. The Trust remains one of only two meaningful sources of bursaries for the study of ballet in the Western Cape.’ – SA History Online
David Poole choreographed the ballet for the EOAN Group Arts Festival, with specially commissioned music by Stanley Glasser
Design: Stephen de Villiers
Photo: Photographer unknown
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