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  • Flight Patterns

    Flight patterns observed on a bus en route back to London from Oxford on a research trip in 2017.
  • Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning

    Cyanotype on paper. Ink on perspex. The work shows the exact positioning of the stars from J.M. Barrie’s window at 3 Adelphi Terrace, London (51°30'N 0°7'21"W), on Saturday, 19 June 1937 – the night of his death. Based on the direction of his window, I was able to locate the ‘second star to the right’ at the 45 degree angle he would have stood and viewed the night sky. Hopefully, he reached his destination, after departing the flat and traveling ‘straight on till morning’.
  • The Green Ray (Jules Verne)

    "At last only a faint rim of gold skimmed the surface of the sea. 'The Green Ray! the Green Ray!' cried in one breath the brothers, Dame Bess and Partridge, whose eyes for one second had revelled in the incomparable tint of liquid jade. Oliver and Helena alone had missed the phenomenon which had at last appeared after so many fruitless observations. Just as the sun was shooting its last ray into space their eyes met, and all else was forgotten in that glance. But Helena had caught the black ray, shining from the young man's eyes, and Oliver the blue ray beaming from hers. The sun had gone down, and neither Oliver nor Helena had seen the Green Ray" (Verne 1883:136).
  • Chlorate of Potash

    This packet of Chlorate of Potash was purchased from the local Heynes, Mathew and Co. shop in Cape Town by Walter Floyd. The company would have been a competitor of Burroughs Wellcome and Co. at the time. Established at the beginning of the 20th century, their 6 stories high premises were situated at the corner of Adderley and Longmarket Streets. Similar to BWC, they manufactured numerous specialities for their trade, and were agents also for many remedies with international reputation.
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