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  • Icarus

    Perspex wings with histology slides. Histology slides are prepared by taking a sample of biological tissue and fixing it to preserve the tissue in as natural a state as possible and prevent postmortem decay. The tissue is immersed in a chemical fixative and then embedded in wax to make it hard enough to cut into very thin sections of tissue (usually 5 to 7 micrometers in thickness). It is then passed through baths of solvents which remove the wax, then through graded alcohols, water and finally through baths of haematoxylin and eosin to stain it for better viewing under a microscope.
  • Soda-Mint (Neutralising)

    "Antacid, exhilarant and stimulant. From one to three as a neutralising agent, in irritable and acid conditions of the stomach, dyspepsia, flatulence, etc. They may be swallowed with water, or be powdered and dissolved in water and taken as a draught" (BWC 1925:138).
  • Zinc Sulphate

    "Astringent. One or two dissolved in an ounce of water, will be found useful as an eye-lotion, and as an injection or astringent lotion" (BWC 1925:144).
  • Ginger Essence

    "Aromatic stimulant. One to two may be powdered and dissolved in a cup of hot water (with a little spirit if desired), and taken as a draught in colic, flatulence, etc., or as a stimulant" (BWC 1925:127).
  • Ammonium Bromide

    "Nerve sedative. One or two, dissolved in a wineglassful of water, three times a day, in hysteria, headache or neuralgia. As a sedative, four at bedtime " (BWC 1925:116).
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