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  • Ginger Essence

    "Aromatic stimulant. One to two may be powdered and dissolved in a cup of hot water (with a little spirit if desired), and taken as a draught in colic, flatulence, etc., or as a stimulant" (BWC 1925:127).
  • Ammonium Bromide

    "Nerve sedative. One or two, dissolved in a wineglassful of water, three times a day, in hysteria, headache or neuralgia. As a sedative, four at bedtime " (BWC 1925:116).
  • Iron and Arsenic Compound

    "Tonic. Use with caution. One to two may be taken with a draught of water, three times daily, as a tonic during convalescence from malarial fevers, or as an alternative in skin affections" (BWC 1925:129)
  • Pepana

    "Digestive. One or two, swallowed whole, with a little water, after meals, in painful dyspepsia" (BWC 1925:134).
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