What is the Climate Change & Sustainability Digital Library (CCSDL)?

This is a repository of Open Educational Resources (OER's) that focuses on teaching and learning about climate change and sustainability.  Its leading purpose is to provide the teaching community (from primary to teacher educators) with relevant text and media resources to enhance their teaching practice and courses.  You can do general searches using main categories such as climate change topic, foregrounded approach and target audience.  Each general category is then broken down into subtopics to help you find your areas of interest. 

Open Access Resources

We strive to offer resources with Creative Commons licenses that are free to use and adapt.  Most of the resources focus on southern Africa, but there are many links to websites around the world.


Make a Contribution

If you have suggestions of resources that we could add to the CCSDL, please go to ADD TO LIBRARY to let us know what these resources are and where to find them.  We will do our best to add them to the collection.