Interview with Lungisile Ntsebeza


Interview with Lungisile Ntsebeza
"I don't regret it. I don't regret - I sometimes think of myself as a chartered accountant, if I became a chartered accountant, I don't know how - maybe I would think that things are fine, I would be a prominent chartered accountant, I would be rich, I would be involved in a different form of struggle, trying to compete with the ?? and so on, at a different level. When I look at myself in that fashion, I say, look, if I was rich and I was politically naive, what would I think - ?? would I have this kind of political understanding? Would I be happy? And maybe you cannot compare those two situations, but if I wouldmake a choice, I think the choice that I would take - I'm much more happy to have this kind of ?? that I have right down to being rich and trying to be a labour man and be counted amongst the top ten rich people, certainly not in a sea of poverty, to be rich in a sea of poverty. I think I'm happy now with the decision that -"
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19 June 1987
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Lungisile Ntsebeza
Sean Field
Cape Town
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