Curators' Corner

The Curators’ Corner on Ibali is a showcasing lab that enables students and researchers to build sites which explore, extend and challenge existing collections as well as build new ones. Digital Humanities projects from across the university can be showcased here. This is an exploratory space that allows the curator to create a dialogue using media and metadata.

Exhibition Histories

Exhibition Histories is aimed at providing documentation and creating related digital archives and displays of exhibitions that have given a public life to aspects of the Bleek and Lloyd Collection.

Lexicons Curated

Lexicons Curated is a satellite site of the official Digital Bleek and Lloyd archive. It convenes the English to ǀxam dictionary – categorising it into letters, words, dictionary slips.

Protest, P/performance, and Tragic Aftermath

This exhibition site collates Dr Carla Lever's research on the connections between creativity and social change. Connecting samples of her oral history interviews with global news articles and cultural artefacts, it explores thematic concerns from her monologue on protest spectacle, as well as showcasing examples of her favoured pedagogical approach around 'serious play'.

The Medicine Chest

An experimentally curated website that showcases one object – a small medicine chest housed in the Manuscripts and Archives (M&A) Department and the multitude of resonances to hint at novel connections.