Donate historical photographs

If you have a collection of interesting, clear, and undamaged landscape images of southern Africa from before the year 2000, with detailed records about the location and date of each photograph, and are interested in donating them to the project, please contact us.

Although there are already thousands of historical photographs on our online database and several thousand more to be processed and uploaded, there remain several areas of southern Africa that contain either none or only a few historical photographs. We would like to fill in the gaps on the map so that we have historical images representative of most of southern Africa. We are also interested in historical photographs from urban centres, where interest and the density of historical images are likely to be greater.

After an initial consultation and viewing the collection, we will determine if it is suitable for rePhotoSA. If so, we will scan, digitise and publish the historical photographs on our online database following a signed agreement with you under a Creative Commons license. The original photographs and scanned images will then be returned to you.

We will accept slides, prints, negatives and newspaper clippings, provided they are still in good condition. The more information attached to these images the better, but the most important information that we require is a date and location. We cannot accession photographic collections with incomplete basic metadata. Furthermore, we will not scan collections until we have received signed copyright permission from the donor. Click here to download and view the Copyright Agreement template.